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Economic Justice: Race, Gender, Identity and Economics, 2d

This casebook provides a means to further the conversation between critical legal scholarship and law and economics. It addresses what economics can tell us about democracy and the law, what theories of justice can tell us about economic theory and the law, why no legal language addressing class in the United States exists and what such a language might look like, and more. It uses the problem of racial and gender injustice as a basis to interrogate both critical theory and economic theory. The second edition provides a timely new chapter on the financial collapse and more.

Additional Economics Texts from Emma Coleman Jordan and Angela P. Harris

When Markets Fail: Race and Economics
This book is the answer for faculty teaching courses about discrimination and looking for materials that take seriously the problem of racial subordination and provide in-depth, rigorous analyses of economic frameworks that contribute to inequality.

A Woman's Place is in the Marketplace: Gender and Economics
If you teach sex discrimination, gender and the law, or feminist legal theory, this book is the missing piece of understandable economic thinking in your teaching materials.

Cultural Economics: Markets and Cultures
This book provides non-economists with tools to challenge economic orthodoxy and provide students the opportunity to explore the troublesome yet frequently ignored issues at the intersection of culture, race, gender and identity in the marketplace.

Beyond Rational Choice: Alternative Perspectives on Economics
Because neoclassical economics is no longer sufficient to explain the important questions of economic inequality, this book gives a non-economist tools to discuss the failings of orthodox economic assumptions and find viable alternative approaches.

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